11 Ways Students Can Improve Their Cooking Skills

For most first time students the thought of suddenly having to make all your own meals can be daunting, but once you get to grips with how easy it can be and feel confident in the kitchen, the more enjoyable (and less pricey) it will be.

You can start saving a bucket load and showing off your skills to your friends by inviting them over for dinner parties!

Becoming a pro in the kitchen doesn't happen overnight – it takes a bit of time and patience, plus the help of the essential tips and tricks below.

1. Learn how to season food

Believe us, a good bit of seasoning can transform even the most drab and bland food into something spectacular.

If you embrace the supermarket downshift and start going for 'basics' when doing your weekly shop, a bit of seasoning can really spice up a 15p can of beans or a 12p pack of noodles.

While salt and pepper will always be your besties, it's worth working out which spices and herbs you actually like as well, as they can completely change how you cook (and eat!).

A touch of chilli powder, Cajun pepper or paprika will bring a nice kick to pretty much anything you thin