Master The Thrifty Art Of The Supermarket Reduction

If you're passing by the yellow sticker sections of the supermarket without a second glance, you're missing a massive opportunity to save a small fortune on your shopping.

Extreme bargain hunters say they save up to £65 a week making the most of these sections, but even the casual yellow sticker shopper can easily shave £20 or more off their shopping bill every week - without trying.

Here are our 10 golden rules to mastering the art of the reduced sticker aisle.

1. Time your shopping

At the end of the day, the supermarkets want the fresh fruit and vegetables that are expiring that day to be off their shelves. If they don't sell, they have to be marked down as waste. If they can sell them, even for a tiny fraction of their original price, they can mark them as sold. It means that items that usually cost £1-£3 will be marked down to as little as 3p.

Tom Church, co-founder of has put together a guide to when supermarkets do their final reductions. He found the Co-op and Morrisons tend to do it at 7pm, Sainsbury's and Tesco at 8pm, and Asda at 9. However, it's worth checking with a member of staff, because each store will vary.

2. Know where all the reduced sections are